Operational Guide to Using EMIS to Monitor SDG 4

This Operational Guide to Using EMIS to Monitor SDG 4 provides further operational guidance on how to implement data collection from the viewpoint of existing global commitments related to Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) indicators. The guide elaborates on the processes followed by the UIS as the custodian agency of most indicators in SDG 4 to aggregate and curate the data and explores the key, characteristics of existing national EMIS to illustrate the capacity of EMIS to produce administrative data. Moreover, it proposes a set of standards to illustrate and support countries in their efforts to collect and produce better quality data.

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Producing Comparable Data

Various sources of data and standards guiding the monitoring of SDG 4, including how education indicators are estimated, are presented to highlight key characteristics of data availability.

SDG 4 Global Data Needs

Proposed sequence on linking SDG 4 indicators and data collection, review of sources of data for reporting on different indicators, with conceptual and a preliminary definition of indicators variables to be collected.

Nuts and Bolts of EMIS

Components of EMIS and key issues impacting effective SDG 4 reporting using EMIS in order to address equity in EMIS.

National EMIS Typology

Platforms used, existence of coding systems and use of codes to collect data for management purposes, use of software to process collected data.

Indicator and Metadata

Overview of global and thematic indicators for the follow-up and review of SDG 4 and metadata for indicators produced by traditional EMIS.

Additional material

List of SDG indicators

Technical not on UIS data collection on EMIS metadata